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Creating a website is a great way to promote your business and give it an online presence. But there are many mistakes that are made when designing a site:

1. Using too many colours on a website.

Pleasing website design is important to attract web visitors. But often, web designers believe that using lots of colours will add value to the website. Whereas in reality, too many colours may spoil the outlook of the website. Also, there are chances that these visitors will be irritated with the use of too many colours. So the website designer should always use colours that go well the theme and purpose of the website. No more than 2 or 3 colours should be used for web design and those colours should not affect the visibility of the website.

2. Using too many graphics

It is true that graphics can enhance a website, but overuse of graphics may make it worse. Graphics can be used to add additional features to a webpage but too many can actually be intrusive. Heavy use of graphics will also make the site slower to load.

3. Using Flash in web pages

Flash is widely used to create advertisement banners and animations on websites. Flash banners are fine for banners and other adverts if they are used efficiently and sparingly. They have many disadvantages as well.

Flash content requires good internet speed to load correctly. If the visitor has poor connection, the website will take even longer to load.

The user will also need to have Flash installed on their browser, and if they don’t they will see annoying massages asking them to install it. If they chose not to, the page will look messy and unfinished, possibly causing the user to leave the site altogether.

4. Not optimising for different devices

It is not uncommon for someone to spend hours designing a website and assume that everyone can view it whatever device they use. The truth is, not all devices display sites in the same way. Different computers and browsers display websites differently, and tablets and smartphones vary even more due to the screen sizes.

Depending on the website design software or the coding the designer uses, some websites will need to be designed separately for the different devices, while others automatically convert.

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